So I haven’t used this blog very much at all but I decided I wanted to document my experiences in game development. I have been super interested in learning to develop games lately. I’ve always been interested but too chicken to venture into the mysterious world of game development.

I had tested out Unity and built a small mobile game a few years ago it was neat but at the time my job took 200% of my time and I was always super stressed out so I didn’t go much deeper. I tried out Unreal Engine which seemed super complex and hopeless at the time and there was another I don’t remember. Not enough time or will power so my game dev skills never flourished :P

Fast forward to a few weeks ago I sat down and said I am going to do this. At least get a deeper understand of the different tools. I tried Unity again, the tools are cool and the interface is rather easy to understand. But wanting to know about more I tried the new hotness from Amazon Lumberyard. I’ll tell you that thing is a beast and its quite a bit of work to get it installed and up and running. It actually took me a few days of installing and tinkering to get the various parts to work. In the end it seemed like it didn’t offer anything over Unity outside of more direct access to AWS but it always felt like it was throwing that stuff in my face too like “hey this looks like it could use a lambda or a sqs queue!”. Next I opened Unreal Engine again and with a few video tutorials I discovered a little more about blueprints and the engine overall and found myself hooked and doing some neat stuff relatively easy.

So here we are a few weeks later with me making a commitment to make a game a week for as long as I feel like I need to then moving on to a game a month and so forth. Let’s see how this goes!

Here We Go!

For more information on my game a week inspiration check out Rami’s Blog he goes into quite some detail about the idea and the reasoning.

Also I will be posting my games to if you want to check out my page at It’s empty right now but hopefully by the end of this week it wont be :D